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Urban Airship...any idea how to get it into TD

Hi there,

My iPhone application will be using Urban Airship(thanks for their services) to get notifications for multiple feeds.

I've read their feed API, but I just don't know /where to handle that.

All I can do is, to get device token back, then what…!

Any example?please.


— asked April 22nd 2010 by Taher Mashhour
  • iphone
  • notifcations
  • push
  • urbanairship

2 Answers

  • Hi there,
    i have done everything what was in http://wiki.appcelerator.org/display/guides/Push+Notifications this url but doesn't work. Device tokens "0" , what must i do?
    i have create an urbanairship.js file and include it to my app.js.

    And i have added these with my information.

    UrbanAirship.secret ='xxx';
    UrbanAirship.baseurl = 'https://go.urbanairship.com';

    But doesn't work, when i open the app in my device, there is no confirmation thing like in the tutorial, they ara writing az there but i have nothing to write.
    Just need help

    — answered August 24th 2011 by Graham Jeffrey
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