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NavigationGroup - Custom back button

Hello there. I've the following code on the app.js:

And when I click in a certain menu button, it goes like this:

The navigationgroup has the navbar hidden, because I did a custom one. So there I have a back button, but how am I supposed to make the navigationgroup go back? There is no such method on the docs. So far, what I tried to do (on the custom back button) is this:

I did an output into to check if the 'currentWindow' var is correct and it is. But in the moment I click the app crash. So, how do I go back in a navgroup W/OUT using the regular back button?

— asked April 22nd 2010 by Carlos Costa
  • iphone

3 Answers

  • I am having the same issue. The default Navigation Button works fine but the custom one won't make the navigation go back. There seems to be a method missing.

    — answered January 26th 2012 by Leonardo Amigoni
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    • OK. Seem to have figured it out. The close command has to be on the navgroup not on the window.

      var win = Ti.UI.createWin();
      var navGroup = Ti.UI.iPhone.createNavigationGroup({
      win.close(); // This will only close the window.
      navGroup.close(win); // This will close the window and go back.

      — commented January 26th 2012 by Leonardo Amigoni
  • Up! I've a question that complements mine: is there any "back" method from navigationgroup or even tabgroup? 'cause maybe I could convert to a tabgroup hiding the tabs.

    — answered April 22nd 2010 by Carlos Costa
  • when a window is a child of a tab, there is a 'back' button auto-created.
    You customise the back button with creating the main window using parameter like backButtonTitle, etc.

    — answered April 23rd 2010 by Peter Lum
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    • Yes, works fine with tabs, but not with navigationGroups…

      — commented August 28th 2011 by Benoit Blais
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