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align text vertically in a label

The title says it all, this should be easy but I can't seem to find any attribute that will place the text at the top of a 300px high label, it just sits right in the middle. Thanks!

— asked April 23rd 2010 by Russell Morgan
  • align
  • label
  • text

4 Answers

  • Why not just use height: 'auto'? That should produce the same behavior. Are you placing another view inside the label?

    — answered April 23rd 2010 by Nick Wing
  • This is context of a tablerow. I had set the label to be height auto but as the table scrolled the label in question would randomly place itself over other labels. I guess the bigger question I'm trying to answer is this: How do I have three labels stack on top of each other in a table row and all three expand to fit their contents without overlapping. I believe I tried "auto" on all three and got terrible results.

    — answered April 24th 2010 by Russell Morgan
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    • Also having a similar problem… did you ever figure this out?

      — commented January 3rd 2011 by Dave F
  • Nick's suggestion is correct.
    I can confirm that setting height:'auto' on the label will align the text vertically. Worked for me on 1.5.1

    — answered February 8th 2011 by Daniel Tome
  • it worked for me too.

    — answered July 14th 2011 by Bruno Braga
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