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Does YQL still works on 1.0?

I am trying to run some tests using YQL API, but nothing works, the KitchenSink App stops at the loading Event everytime I try to run the yql_flickr.js example

Looking at the code, I didn't see the Titanium.Yahoo.setOAuthParameters(consumerKey,sharedSecret); line.

I just added the Set Oauth method and when I tried to run the code, the App Crashes.

Any tips on this?


— asked March 15th 2010 by Antonio Silveira
  • flickr
  • oauth
  • yahoo
  • yql

3 Answers

  • Just tried and it worked okay for me, even without the OAuth info. Just to confirm, you're using mobile SDK 1.0.0 with Kitchen Sink 1.0?

    — answered March 15th 2010 by Dan Giulvezan
  • I am also having issues with using yql, it seems that only the Kitchen Sink works as demoed with yql. When I take the same code into a separate project, it doesn't work. I cannot find any documentation or reference to the keys and where they are entered. Were they dropped from 1.0.0???

    — answered March 18th 2010 by Conrad Fuhrman
  • HI All, I just fixed my problem with YQL. I had to install Titanium developer from scratch and them created my projects again, once I did it. All YQL stuff worked fine. You still need to use the setOauthParameters


    — answered March 19th 2010 by Antonio Silveira
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