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"Application has exited from Simulator" for no obvious reason

I am getting the message

> [INFO] Application has exited from Simulator

for no clear reason while running in the iPhone simulator. I am logging at the Debug level, and there are no error messages printed before the Exited message.
As far as I can tell, this is happening regularly just after it finishes an event handler attached to a custom event. In the handler it updates a tableView. I have no idea if either of them are related to the Exiting.

No clue if it is related, but after making some changes in a different part of the program, I now also get this error messge just before the message above:

> objc[45916]: FREED(id): message contextShutdown: sent to freed object=0xa41edb0

Has anyone else seen issues like these?

— asked March 15th 2010 by Allen Firstenberg
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8 Answers

  • would need to see the code. can you try to narrow it down a bit? thanks.

    — answered March 15th 2010 by Nolan Wright
  • I haven't been able to yet - the entire code does it irregularly, and I haven't gotten a minimal test case of any fragment to exhibit the problem. I DID, however, finally get another error when it happens:

    > objc[65875]: FREED(id): message contextShutdown: sent to freed object=0x9338270
    [INFO] Application has exited from Simulator

    — answered March 17th 2010 by Allen Firstenberg
  • I am getting the same error:
    > objc[17599]: FREED(id): message contextShutdown: sent to freed object=0x4f55fc0

    It happens when I return to a tab window from a child.
    ie. Parent > child > Parent (all ok)
    ie. Parent > child > child of child > child > Parent (crash)

    It was ok until I started using the Titanium.Database so might be related to that.

    — answered March 20th 2010 by Geoff Hinchcliffe
  • Not sure if this helps but I have narrowed the crashing to a particular function.
    The sequence goes like this:

    > Parent loads table list > click row to load detail page.
    > Detail page has a focus function which checks db and updates rows. Click to load edit page.
    > Make changes on edit page. Update db. Back to Detail page
    > Detail page checks db and updates rows accordingly. Back to Parent page.
    > Parent page crashes.

    > If I take out the db check in the focus func on the Detail page, the Parent page does not crash.
    I'm using code from Kitch sink. Very simple db queries.

    — answered March 21st 2010 by Geoff Hinchcliffe
  • Here is the offending code:

    win.addEventListener('focus', function(e)
        var db = Titanium.Database.open('mydb');

    If that code is on the child page, the Parent tab view will crash when you return to it.

    — answered March 21st 2010 by Geoff Hinchcliffe
  • Actually, this is all I get no matter what I do. It seems something may have gotten confused in all the updating… new Ti, new ADT, new iPhone SDK, new Android. I fear short of a complete re-install of everything (and praying and perhaps even a sacrifice), not much can be done. For me, I don't think it's code, as even a "hello world" gets this result.

    — answered March 31st 2010 by Scott Yelich
  • I have the same problem. It worked just fine yesterday, and now all I get is "Application has exited from Simulator"

    This even happens when I create a clean new project.

    Tried to reinstall the iPhone SDK, Android SDK and even cleaning out all the library files. I even tried to create a new user. Same problem.

    I was really excited yesterday, now I'm just frustrated. Are there any possibilities that these issues are related to the new iPhone SDK?

    — answered April 7th 2010 by Oyvind Bo
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    • Same here.
      I launched successfully an old project but when I created a new one it just exits the simulator
      Maybe it's the SDK 2.0
      Nope, just checked - one of the old apps I tried, I had also change the SDK to 2.0.1.GA2

      — commented May 2nd 2012 by Ani Sinanaj
  • anyone manage to fix this? I get this error no matter what iOS sdk I choose…

    Any help is appreciated…! Thanks.

    — answered January 25th 2011 by Morgan Inglis
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