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iPad Orientation Change Transitions

Hello folks,

I am creating a new iPad app and are close to done. I've created two main screens for the app for both Portrait and Landscape use. I am detecting when the device changes orientation and are opening the appropriate window and closing the previous one.

However the transition is not smooth. Basically the window abruptly changes and THEN the window rotation/transition happens.

Can someone provide an example of how to make a transition between two windows during screen rotation that looks smooth?

Thanks a bunch!


— asked April 23rd 2010 by Juan Pons
  • ipad
  • orientation
  • transitions
1 Comment
  • 3 years and still the same problem.

    — commented October 10th 2013 by Alberto Marcone

1 Answer

  • No one has any advice?

    — answered April 26th 2010 by Juan Pons
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