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How can i convert my web application??

I want to convert from my web page to iphone app.
(I don't want to use the web view. I want to change my html)
Before I used the titanium 0.8, So i did change it.
but after the thitanium 1.0, I don't know How can i convert my app..

here my code and example….
it is simple. this page access my local server and received data from local server, when you click the login button. and if your info true, you can access next page.

here my source inline

help me please..~~

— asked April 23rd 2010 by Dongki Kim

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    If you are planning on using HTML, you need webviews… in order for your app to have native "controls, layouts, containers, etc" you need to use pure "titanium javascript"

    — answered April 24th 2010 by Raul Riera
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