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Way to temporarily disable texting, email, phone programmatically on iPhone?


Is there a way (combo of APIs, or lower level coding) to temporarily disable the ability to receive/send text messaging, emailing and the phone on your iPhone.

I'd like the ability, based on a persons location to prevent them from sending/receiving text messages, emailing and/or using their phone.

Thanks in advance,

— asked April 25th 2010 by Sway Ciaramello
  • iphone

2 Answers

  • If this is possible, I wouldn't want to download iPhone apps EVER!!! crazy obtrusive

    — answered April 25th 2010 by Raul Riera
  • I know this question was asked a long time ago, but there is a use case that makes sense. For example, if you are developing an app that will shut down (with the user's blessing) phone, text and email services while the person is driving.

    — answered August 8th 2013 by James Cook
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