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JSON.parse UTF-8 problem


I have a problem when parsing a JSON-response array from a webservice I have built in PHP, returning a SQL-result from a mysql db in UTF-8.

The element I would like to get has swedish characters (å,ä,ö).

So I can't get the value like I can with the others:

var temp = json[2].Omgång;

The above doesn't work.
The compiler complains about the "å" in the example above.
I also tried to replace the "å" with the utf-8 code for the character, since the json array has the "å" encoded in utf-8 ("backslash"u00e5)

What is the most simple way to come around this?
JSON.stringify may be one way maybe, but then I need to have another array.

Someone who have a better and simple suggestion?

— asked April 25th 2010 by Christian Andersson
  • json
  • utf-8

1 Answer

  • Accepted Answer

    var temp = json[2]["Omgång"];
    — answered April 25th 2010 by Damien Elmes
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