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Why is my map view empty? (google map API key?)

I've copied the source of the map view of KitchenSink in my own application, and when I go to this view, the map view is created, the annotations are added, but the map is not displayed, only the background grid is. See the screenshot:


Is it a problem with the google map API key?

— asked March 15th 2010 by Gregoire Marchal
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5 Answers

  • I use the map api key of KitchenSink tiapp.xml, it solved my problem :)

    — answered March 15th 2010 by Gregoire Marchal
  • my question now is: what am i going to do when i go to production? will my personal map api key simply work only there?

    — answered April 11th 2010 by Tomer Sole'
  • I believe you need to get a fresh Google Map API key for every site/application you plan to use it for (as per the TOS located here - http://code.google.com/apis/maps/signup.html)

    — answered April 19th 2010 by Johnny Basu
  • Do you stil have to do this in version 2.1.1? The mapview seems to work on all emulators and every device I've tested in my office. Then, of course, as soon as I publish the app, I immediately get a complaint that the map is not showing up, just showing a grid. So I'm not sure if this has something to do with the Android version or what. Any updates on this? I can't find any mention of a Google Maps API key in the current version of the Kitchen Sink.

    — answered August 16th 2012 by John Gould
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    • Yes, you still have to have your own Google Maps API key stored in the ti.android.google.map.api.key.production property.

      — commented August 16th 2012 by Shawn Lipscomb
  • Using the kitchen sink key only works on the emulator.To get it to work on the phone you need to take that key and replace it with the one you got on that website.
    Hope that helps!

    — answered September 18th 2010 by Aidan Grant
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    • Can you explain me, how shall I do this?

      — commented October 27th 2011 by Kristof Gruber
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