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Kitchen Sink 0.9.3 in Android emulator - problems?

Hello everybody!

Is anybody here that has successfully tested the kitchen sink v0.9.3 example in the Android emulator?

I don't have the possibility to test it with the iPhone emulator because i don't use a mac, but I think in the Android emulator there are several problems with the new kitchen sink. (With the old kitchen sink v0.8.x there were no problems at all.)

What I noticed:

According to the app.js there should actually be 5 tabs that structure the application: Base UI, Controls, Phone, Platform and Mashups. The Android emulator just shows the first 4 tabs. 'Mashups' don't show up.

There is a problem with all the (background) images that actually should be used in the example. In '/Resources/images' I see a lot of images that should appear in the app. But it seems as there is a problem with loading these images, because they never show up in the app. Consequently the app appears to be completely unstyled.

My spec:
Win Vista SP1 /
Android 2.0 (SDK level 4) /
Titanium v1.0 /
Kitchen Sink for 0.9.3 (http://timobile.appcelerator.com.s3.amazonaws.com/KS-0.9.3.zip)

Has anybody experienced the same?

— asked March 15th 2010 by Philipp T.
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3 Answers

  • Thank you for your answer.

    I've just tested the Kitchen Sink v1.0. And it seems to have to same problems as mentioned in my starting post.

    Can't see the 'Mashups' tab, can't see any of the layout images stored in '/Resources/images'.

    Any other tricks to get this example to work 100% properly in the Android emulator?

    — answered March 17th 2010 by Philipp T.
  • I'm having the same problem. I'm running TD 1.0 and in the iPhone simulator KitchenSink 1.0 has 5 tabs, but in Android 1.6 simulator I only get the first 4, Mashups is missing.

    — answered March 22nd 2010 by Dan Abel
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