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Approach to authenticating native app users to existing web site

I am just starting to check out Titanium. And want to explore the development of a mobile client that integrates with an existing web site built in Rails. The web site is a conversation and blogging type platform. So I'd like an existing user on the website to be able to login to the mobile app using the same credentials as on the site - and then of course - see and interact with their content.

For now I am just looking for any pointers about where to focus and start in on this. XHR? Network? Are there any example apps that show this process on Titanium? Any help would be much appreciated.

— asked April 27th 2010 by Dan Newman
  • authentication
  • iphone
  • login
  • website

1 Answer

  • I guess a good example of the mobile authentication feature would be the Snapost.

    It's basically a mobile twitter client that features instant photo taking and posting.

    Snapost sourcode at Github

    — answered April 27th 2010 by William Xue
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