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Blank RUN EMULATOR screen

I just completely uninstalled and reinstalled Titanium on my Vista machine. After the clean install, I created a test app to confirm that everything was working. It's not. When I created the test app, Titanium found my android SDK and I got a green checkmark. Everything seems normal until I go to TEST & PACKAGE, the RUN EMULATOR tab is completely blank (gray). This is a fresh install of Titanium Developer (V. 1.2.1). Any help? I'm stuck.

— asked April 27th 2010 by Ben Hornedo
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5 Answers

  • I had the same problem and found that if I copy the build/android file structure over to my new project it worked fine. Not sure if I missed a step, but so far not very happy with the level of documentation. Getting a simple hello world up and running is proving to be a bit of a pain…

    Did some more digging and found this link:
    basically, if you are on windows, go to this directory: C:ProgramDataTitaniummobilesdkwin321.2.0android

    back up the android.py file and replace it with the one here:

    worked for me…

    — answered April 30th 2010 by Jason Harris
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    • This file is no longer available. Any other suggestions ?

      — commented April 22nd 2011 by Mark Jefferson
  • Didn't work for me. Replaced the Android.py file from github and still doesn't show. I can successfully build an Android app in Eclipse.

    I really want to like this Titanium software, but that's tough if you can't get it to work!

    — answered May 4th 2010 by Julian Fraser
  • I have been using TiDev with the android emulator for months on various projects without issue. However, today I had a similar problem described here (albeit on ubuntu), where the "Test & Package" in TiDev screen was blank. It was partly understandable, as I had just updated to the new versions of android tools and the Google API (by running the ./android executable).

    The solution was to delete all the previously-created Android Virtual Devices (AVD) from my user directory, as follows:

    Close TiDev

    Then, these commands from the command line :

    cd ~/.android/avd
    rm -rf *

    Obviously, be careful with that second command that you are certain you are in the correct directory! ;)

    Then I started TiDev and launched my app (it took 3 attempts, waiting a minute to see if it would eventually start of its own accord).

    It seems fine now.

    I hope this helps someone.



    — answered November 9th 2010 by Paul Dowsett
  • Still haven't fixed this or what?? I'm having the same problem at clean install.

    tried replacing android.py from github… doesn't seem to solve the problem!!

    — answered November 22nd 2010 by Pritam Pebam
  • Simple create the build folder and build/iphone, build/android will fix the problem.

    — answered June 15th 2011 by Phillip Phan
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