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Support of titanium apps in iphone 4.0

Can someone provide the latest status of iphone4.0 support of apps built using appcelerator? Last I heard is that Titanium is in touch with Apple to get this clarified. Is there any change in the status?

— asked April 27th 2010 by Dharani Karthikeyan
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2 Answers

  • we're planning on releasing 1.3.0 in the next week (or less) which will bring official 4.0 support (plus lots of bug fixes for both android and iphone).

    — answered April 27th 2010 by Jeff Haynie
  • Will we still be able to target 3.2, in case the 4.0 app are indeed banned?

    — answered May 13th 2010 by salo corgan
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