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VideoPlayer - on occasion blank screen

I have run several tests with the videoplayer. When creating new instances, with and without releasing previous instances first, sometimes the content won't show (the players controls are visible, but not the image/video). When playing "dark videos", you can hear sound only, when switching to fullscreen, the image/video portion comes alive.

I have tried with Kitchen Sink and I could reproduce the same behavior with the remote video on "how magical the iPad is". Black screen, audio, but no video until clicking fullscreen… Of course, this does not happen always.

Thanks for any advice you can give…

— asked May 4th 2010 by Iko Knyphausen
  • ipad
  • videoplayer
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  • We have a video player app on SDK 3.5.1GA - on iOS, the user can choose to replay the video which resets the video's URL and current position. This works properly about 90% of the time, but the other times we are getting a black video screen with audio playing in the background. I have tried to force dimensions of the player, visibility and zIndex to no avail. I also cannot find a way to consistently reproduce it. Very odd. Perhaps the only answer is to remove and recreate the player…

    — commented March 19th 2015 by Mike Kazmier

4 Answers

  • Same problem here. Any news?

    — answered September 21st 2010 by Niko B
  • I'm having the same problem here too…

    — answered October 27th 2011 by Tony Yustein
  • I also have the same problem.

    I have a windows with a video and I open a live stream in a new window but it's not working. any ideas?

    — answered October 27th 2011 by Maison Moderne
  • I also have same problem , I am displaying the video in 300 by 400 screen. Only the black screen is shown in android device. any ideas? The video is displayed when full screen.

    — answered December 3rd 2013 by kabindra simkhada
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