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How do I publish my apps to Appstore

I have two issues and I really need some help here. I have four apps ready for distribution on Appstore but I can't seem to get all stuff together for publishing the apps.

Scenario 1:
I have my own Developer Certificate but I can't package and distribute the apps because of some mismatch in my local certificates according to Titanium. What is the "by the book" or step by step way to get from local ready app tested on devices and now ready for submission to Appstore?

Scenario 2:
This is more urgent. I have developed an app for a client of mine and they bought their own Company Certificate from Apple and want me to publish the app through their account. How should I combine the certificates to be able to choose their certificates in Titanium when packaing their app and not mine?

This is an urgent call for help and it would be great to get some apps submitted developed in Titanium for Showcasing this great environment.

— asked May 4th 2010 by Andreas Kviby
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2 Answers

  • I don't think the video is even close to accurate now. It might have been a while back, but not any more.

    — answered June 23rd 2011 by Korky Kathman
  • This might help you


    Is the official Appcelerator team video "104: Distributing Your Mobile Application"

    — answered May 5th 2010 by Dan Tamas
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