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Message App Style Speech Bubbles (iPhone)

Has anyone tried to implement the speech-bubble view found in the iPhone Message app? I'm trying to use the same type of view in my own app but not sure how to go about it.

One idea is to use a scroll view with labels and just have the background image of the labels be the text bubble. Not sure how well this work though. Any other thoughts?

— asked May 5th 2010 by Bart Jedrocha
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1 Answer

  • That'd probably be the best way to go about it (either in a label or view). However, you'll most likely need to chop the bubble background image up into 3 parts (assuming your bubbles will change their height but never their width). That way, the bubble can expand to fill larger amounts of text or other content, similar to the SMS app.

    Or, you may in fact be able to pull it off with a table view, although you'll need to do some heavy tweaking of the table view rows. That way, you can allow for the edit and delete features of the individual messages (since they'd really just be rows), again similar to the SMS app.

    — answered May 6th 2010 by Bill Labus
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