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Anone tried using Dashcode application in Titanium ?

I am trying to create my UI using Dashcode parts and have exported the project as a webapp with html/css/js.

After copying the files into my Titanium project folders, the compiler is throwing tons of errors on the generated JavaScript files.

Any one has a fix/solution ?

— asked May 5th 2010 by Srikanth Nandiraju
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1 Answer

  • My guess is that it won't work at all. Mainly because the Javascript that DashCode produces will be for the Safaris Webkit Engine - and Titanium has moved away from the Webkit base rendering (as much as they could anyway). I would LOVE to have a visual layout tools like Dashcode, but I just can't see how it would ever work.

    Just my 2 cents.

    — answered May 7th 2010 by Brandon Corbin
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