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Support for Intents for Android?

I understand Intents currently aren't supported for Android?
I would like to argue to get these supported ASAP: A lot of functions are possible to replace with intents.
For example, for an app I currently need read access to the phone book contacts, and the possibility to send an email.
While both are in the Titanium API, they aren't working on Android yet. I could wait for them to be supported. But if Intents were supported, I could fire an intent to get the contact, and another one to send the email. These are just two of the small usecases that would be solved with Intents.

— asked May 5th 2010 by Martijn Pannevis
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2 Answers

  • I would love to see this as well. As one (admittedly self-serving) example, this would allow instant access to Google's barcode reader, see http://code.google.com/p/zxing/wiki/ScanningViaIntent

    I had a client inquiry around barcodes, AFAIK I'd have to go native Android as it stands, whereas if intents were supported I could use Titanium - and justify the cost of a Pro or Enterprise account.

    — answered July 19th 2010 by Eric Bradford
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