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2 GPS Alerts

I'm trying to find out how to turn off the seconds GPS alert message I get.

When I fire up a app that uses the GPS and location services are turned off on the device I get the standard iPhone message, and then a I get a second message saying "You currently have all location services for this device disabled. If you proceed, you will be asked to confirm whether location services should be reenabled."

Is there anyway I can disable this message?

I know I can just use itanium.Geolocation.locationServicesEnabled==false in a if statement but I would rather just use the standard iPhone message when location services are turned off.


— asked May 6th 2010 by donovan lewis
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1 Answer

  • This message is only shown if you attempt to access Location services and the user has them turned off. If you want to check, you can do like you said, don't attempt to access GPS if Titanium.Geolocation.locationServicesEnabled is false.

    — answered May 28th 2010 by Jeff Haynie
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