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App randomly sticks on Default.png after being closed/opened on ipad

My app is 100% javascript/ajax app runnign on the ipad. It's a board game and the javascript renders the board and pieces by dynamically inserting the html into the dom.

The app works very well on all browsers, but when I get it on the ipad there is a strange issue that happens randomly.

When I click the home button, it closes the game but the next time I click into the game it hangs on the Default.png splash screen.

It will go on like this for a few times if I close and open the app again, say 3-4 times, and then it works.

Any one had anything similar to this?

All help much appreciated!

— asked May 6th 2010 by Justin Vincent
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  • default.png
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3 Answers

  • I can experience this on the iPhone as well on an app developed by me in Titanium.

    — answered May 7th 2010 by Andreas Kviby
  • My app was generating a lot of dynamic HTML on load up. I think that was somwe how causing the random crash bug.

    My workaround was to load the app in firefox and view rendered source. Then I copy/pasted the rendered source into my front html page.

    So now when the app opens all the HTML is pre-rendered and it seems to solve the issue.

    The only issue is that occasionally I will need to go thoruhg the dynamic render copy/paste process every now and again to ensure the pre-rolled HTML is up to date with the dynamic app.

    — answered May 8th 2010 by Justin Vincent
  • Haha, as soon as I posted this It did the crash thing again…!

    — answered May 8th 2010 by Justin Vincent
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