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Mobile App flow question

If I have a tableview with many rows, and want to display a new window based on which row is clicked, is it better to create and destroy new windows on the fly as new rows are clicked? Or is it better to pre-create a single window, and just change the properties & content of that window.

This is a basic master->detail type situation.


— asked May 7th 2010 by Dan Trevino
  • design
  • flow
  • mobile
  • window

1 Answer

  • well, it depends on how you designed your app. If you are using the built in navigation, and depending on how much data the detail view has, creating/destroying is fine. Something to consider as an option is to use Views. you can show/hide views and just change properties and not use full Windows.

    — answered May 7th 2010 by Clint Tredway
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