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Keyboard Covers textbox

I'm including a textfield on one of my screens and when i click on it the keyboard covers it. I'm using absolute values. Is there a trick i should be using to prevent this from happening?

— asked May 7th 2010 by David Mamber
  • iphone
  • textfield

2 Answers

  • I have noticed that if you put your textboxes in a scrollview, when the keyboard appears for a specific textbox the view will scroll upward so the textbox is just above the keyboard.

    — answered April 6th 2011 by Chris Blazek
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    • there is an example in kitchensink here

      — commented July 18th 2011 by John Brennan
  • I think the "modal" system elements are the "top most" all the time, all you could do would be to move the textfield when the keyboard appears( on focus ) and move it back on blur.

    — answered May 7th 2010 by Dan Tamas
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