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Should we create a Titanium Forum?

I have been less than happy about the Q&A and documentation for Titanium - and feel that there needs to be a community based site that is not run by Appcelerator - but instead the community.

Should I build it?

— asked May 8th 2010 by Brandon Corbin
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5 Answers

  • May I suggest usage of stackoverflow.com?

    — answered May 8th 2010 by David Gregory
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    • I actually vote for creating another stack community for cross mobile platform development that involves titanium and phonegap? We can so learn from each other… and show them titanium kicks asss :)

      — commented December 27th 2011 by Joe Lee
  • I too find the community support to be extremely lacking, but I somehow doubt that another separate forum would help much. It seems the real problem is just that not enough people participate, either because they simply don't want to, or because there's almost nobody knowledgeable enough to provide support (outside of the devs, of course, who will happily charge you a pretty penny for their help).

    — answered May 9th 2010 by Bill Labus
  • This is a great idea.

    — answered May 8th 2010 by Thorsten Marx
  • Great Idea! I would be willing to host it if needed. I have a unused vbulletin license I recently bought for testing. Let me know what you guys think.

    — answered May 8th 2010 by Bryce Wilkinson
  • Bryce, I too have had a hammer waiting for a nail - 8ify.com but I am good going with whatever will be best.

    — answered May 8th 2010 by Brandon Corbin
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