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MySQL to SQlite


I would like to sync my MySQL db to my app.

So i've exported the tables in .sql, but it doesn't work…

I can't export or convert into SQLite, so how can I do?
Do you know any converter that's work in Titanium Mobile?

I've tried MySQL -> CVS -> SQLite, but it failed…

Sorry for my bad english;

— asked May 9th 2010 by Ivan Mathy
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  • iphone
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  • mysql
  • sqlite

2 Answers

  • The simplest approach is to have a server side rest API that returns a json encoded array.
    Then from your app - query the url to retrieve the dataset and then iterate over it for a for loop and update the local sqLite database.

    The xml_rss.js example in the kitchen sink shows the general approach - although that specific example uses xml - using json is much along the same lines.

    — answered May 9th 2010 by David Ashwood
  • Thank you, I'll try!

    — answered May 9th 2010 by Ivan Mathy
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