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Getting a title bar on Split View detail without Navigation Group

Is there an example of a split view detail window with a titlebar that is not using a navigation group? The Kitchen Sink example with a titlebar uses a navigation group to display the titlebar, and the other example is a fullscreen window.

In other threads, it's been suggested to create a tab group with a single tab to get a titlebar; however, this approach doesn't seem to work with a split view. The tab group does not display without calling .open(), and if you do call open(), then it displays full screen, and you don't see the split view.

— asked May 9th 2010 by Solomon White
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    I'd use a toolbar for a use case like this, where you essentially just want to use the bar as a header (without any of the trappings of a navigation group). If you create a toolbar and set it to top:0 and left:0, you should be able to approximate the same look and feel.

    — answered May 10th 2010 by Kevin Whinnery
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