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Transition on Tab change

This has been asked a few times without any answers so I assume I might be out of luck but I thought I would float it up the stack again just in case.

When switching tabs programmatically using setActiveTab() the tabs change as expected however I would really like to use a transition with the change however I've tried all combinations of setActiveTab I could think of and tried with tabGroup.open using a transition (like in KitchenSink) and haven't had any luck getting a transition to work on an already open tab group where I just need to change the active tab.

— asked May 10th 2010 by Brian Raymond
  • animate
  • iphone
  • setactivetab
  • tabgroup
  • transition

3 Answers

  • Unfortunately it is not possible to animate transitions between tabs in a standard tab group. You could implement your own custom tabs as sub views, but again, nothing like that is available in the tab navigator widget (even at the native level).

    — answered May 10th 2010 by Kevin Whinnery
  • Would it be possible to time a transform on the window to say warp it and then flip tabs mid transform simulating the look of a smooth transition? I tried some of the KitchSink code that performs 2D and 3D work but couldn't get it to animate an in place window for a tab group, should this be possible?

    — answered May 12th 2010 by Brian Raymond
  • is there a special reason why this don't work in standard tabgroup ?

    — answered October 22nd 2011 by Markus K.
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