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Coverflow maximum images

My coverflow view seems to only display the first 13 images in the array. The array has a total of 33 images. If I scroll to the first image and then back to the 13th, images 14- 26 appear.

This has been brought up before, but no solution was mentioned

All the images I pass to the coverflow are stored locally

— asked May 10th 2010 by Alex Papaspiridis
  • bug
  • coverflow
  • iphone

4 Answers

  • Hi Kevin, thanks for replying.
    Do you have any idea regarding the answer in the link I posted?

    I suspect that it might be due to loading remote images (you can load more than 13 this way).

    Which leads me to guess that there might be a 'max connection' limit to the filesystem?
    Is there any way to add a delay before adding each image to the view array?

    — answered May 10th 2010 by Alex Papaspiridis
  • is the issue resolved?

    — answered May 11th 2010 by Peter Lum
  • Any news on this issue?
    I push images from local SQLite-db into an array and I´m having the same problem, first 13 images works like a charm and if I swipe back and forth new images pop up but this is really annoying.

    — answered May 28th 2010 by Pierre Laveklint
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