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Book Recommendation


are there any Getting-Started books out there relating Titanium and iPhone development. I have the following book since months on my wishlist:


But somehow it’s release turns to be later and later…

Thanks for your help!


— asked May 12th 2010 by Sebastian
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  • where this book available for free.. downloadwhere this book available for free.. download

    — commented January 17th 2012 by Ashok Kumar

5 Answers

  • I've found that following the videos listed at http://developer.appcelerator.com/training (which you can even download) are helping a lot to get a good, basic and (later on) more in-depth understanding of the Titanium framework.

    — answered May 12th 2010 by Kerim Satirli
  • Hi,

    I've just ordered the following book published by PACKT. Not sure how good it will be but the reviews are are promising. Will let you know how I find it when it arrives.

    Appcelerator Titanium Smartphone App Development Cookbook


  • Just scanning through the boo on Safari Bookshelf and I don't think the cookbook covers commonJS techniques, I think its worth learning this approach if your new to Ti. The cookbook does however provide a lot of other features worth learning.

    — answered June 25th 2012 by rob nelson
  • I found the Appcelerator Titanium Smartphone App Development Cookbook helpful while learning this platform. There are two things I love about this book - that quite frankly - I wish more books would do:

    1. The accelerated pace: Alot of books spend the first 100 pages or so showing you how to install or configure your environment, how to program, etc…. Not this one. You litterally hit the ground running, which leads to my second point.

    2. Real World Examples: I am a big fan of the examples used in each of the chapters. Each example/recipe is has real-world uses that you can take, modify & integrate into your apps.

    Also…..I ordered the PDF version directly from PACKT. I got the book immediately and saved about $20 USD.

    — answered July 13th 2012 by Pete Lupiano
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