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How do i include a javascript library?

Recently i tested a project and it failed at before the simulator could even start. I figured out that it happens after i included a javascript library, jxs.js and underscore.js specifically.

How do i include them without having a crash?

— asked May 12th 2010 by Julian Weimer
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4 Answers

  • ok actually it is "underscore.js" which makes all the trouble, even if i don't include it using the include function Titanium doesn't like him to be there…

    — answered May 12th 2010 by Julian Weimer
  • Sometimes if a library has too many warnings/errors in JSLint, it causes the project to bomb out before being launched in the simulator. Are you seeing a ton of JSLint warnings in the console?

    — answered May 12th 2010 by Kevin Whinnery
  • I ran into the same problem… it's line 644 or something:

    • "');}return p.join('');");

    Just move the + onto the previous line and you should be fine.

    — answered September 7th 2010 by Michael Cowden
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