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Polygon shaped buttons

Is there a way to create polygon shapes for buttons? Should I just use an imagemap in a webview? I want to create a clickable USA image map.

— asked May 14th 2010 by Jeff Krause
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3 Answers

  • Accepted Answer

    Here's what I finally came up.

    I created an imageview with a photo of the USA Map. I then created several dictionaries of points, defining the regions I wanted to capture clicks from on the image. I then added an event listener that uses the following function to detect if the click event happened inside any of the polygon dictionaries I had defined.

    // Point inside a polygon
    function isPointInPoly(poly, pt)
        for(var c = false, i = -1, l = poly.length, j = l - 1; ++i < l; j = i) 
            ((poly[i].y <= pt.y && pt.y < poly[j].y) || (poly[j].y <= pt.y && pt.y < poly[i].y)) && (pt.x < (poly[j].x - poly[i].x) * (pt.y - poly[i].y) / (poly[j].y - poly[i].y) + poly[i].x) && (c = !c);
        return c;
    /** Example implementation code
    points = [
        {x: 0, y: 0},
        {x: 0, y: 50},
        {x: 50, y: 10},
        {x: -50, y: -10},
        {x: 0, y: -50},
        {x: 0, y: 0}
    alert(isPointInPoly(points, {x: 10, y: 10}) ? "In" : "Out");
    — answered May 16th 2010 by Jeff Krause
    • Hi Jeff,

      could you please share your code. imageview with a photo of the USA Map.


      — commented April 2nd 2014 by Rupesh Borkar
    • Jeff Krause, many thanks for this, you saved my day !

      — commented April 17th 2014 by Julien Gattegno
    • nice logic Jeff..thanks..works like charm..

      — commented April 19th 2014 by Rama krishna
    • Thanks a lot. Blessings Jeff!!

      — commented July 16th 2015 by Max Morales
  • Jeff,

    amazing script, but now if i want to check if a poly is in poly do you have any guideline to realize it...

    Thanks a lot

    — answered February 10th 2012 by Stefano Talotta
  • Hey Jeff,

    You could also just use an imageView and add a click eventListener to it.

    — answered May 14th 2010 by Dan Giulvezan
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    • what is this answer?

      please first read question carefully…

      — commented April 19th 2014 by Rama krishna
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