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iPhone Broken Images

When I install the app on my iPhone, all local images are broken. Strangely, when I launch the project in xcode and install it using Debug (instead of Release), the image show up fine. Images are also fine in simulator.

— asked May 16th 2010 by Chris Macke
  • iphone

2 Answers

  • Are you using xcode to launch it on your device, or Titanium? Titanium does some copying of images, which is needed to have them shown up on device.
    I found that, while I prefer Xcode to run on my device, I first need to do "run on device" from titanium, to have the files copied. After that I can use xcode to compile and run, but the first time (after adding images, etc), I do need to use titanium.
    This supposedly changed in Titanium 1.3, but I haven't looked at that yet.

    — answered May 16th 2010 by Martijn Pannevis
  • Chris I was getting the same problem. I've found that since going to 1.3 SDK that I've had to manually copy the contents of the 'Resources' directory into ../build/iphone/Resources.

    Then when I build to run on device in Titanium the images work. Hope this helps. A possible bug in 1.3 SDK I think?

    — answered May 16th 2010 by Jordan de Laune
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