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KitchenSync-iPad shows a blank screen for Run Emulator

I have updated/downloaded the latest Titanium developer (1.2.1) and SDK (1.3) and cloned KitchenSync from Github. When I add the project to Titanium Developer and click "Test & Package" and "Run Emulator" I get no buttons, just one empty grey box.

If I click "Run on device" it says that this "iPhone" application (note iPhone) is not configured.

How do I get the new iPad application to work?


— asked May 17th 2010 by Scott Penrose
  • 1.3
  • ipad

2 Answers

  • Accepted Answer

    Hi Scott,
    I'm having the same problem, however I've been able to test the new kitchensink-ipad sample by simply creating a new ipad project and by replacing its Resources directory with the one found under KitchenSink-iPad from github.
    I hope it'll help.

    — answered May 17th 2010 by Olivier Morandi
  • Thanks Oliver - your solution worked for me too. Scott

    NOTE: The reason the Github version fails, is that the .gitignore added by the appcelerator team, says 'build' which means you don't get the build directory.

    — answered May 17th 2010 by Scott Penrose
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