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AudioPlayer and buffering

When using the URL based AudioPlayer on a slow 3G connection I get lots of pauses during playback due to buffering. Is there any way to make the player pre-buffer more data before playback starts to avoid those pauses?

— asked May 17th 2010 by Michael Descher
  • audioplayer
  • buffering
  • iphone

3 Answers

  • You could make a condition to use the Sound object when on 3G connections.

    — answered September 8th 2010 by Marco Ferreira
  • I would recommend using HTTP Live Streaming. Apple has strict rules when it comes to approving streaming apps.

    — answered September 8th 2010 by John Welch
  • Hello, do you know how to correctly set up http live streaming with Titanium to avoid Apple rejection? Our app has just been rejected because of 9.4, video longer than 10 minutes must use hls, but, what we do is just pass the m3u8 url to the media player.
    Any help is really appreciated!

    — answered April 27th 2012 by Giuseppe Marletta
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