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JavaScript warning - used before defined?

Hi there,

When compiling I get the following message, prob' because I have the functions at the bottom of the JS file:

[WARN] JavaScript compiler reported "'getData' was used before it was defined." at people.js:232

Everything appears to be working and I find it makes code more readable to have functions at the end.

Is there a problem with this approach/do I need to address this?


— asked March 16th 2010 by Chris Reed
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  • mobile
  • warnings

2 Answers

  • Accepted Answer

    Pretty sure Ti uses jslint to parse for errors, which is pretty picky.

    I generally keep all of my contained function in a separate file and then include it, before using any of them.

    Don't think your approach will affect your build though

    — answered March 16th 2010 by Nick Lloyd
  • That's a good method Nick - I've been pondering how to organise the code - most functions are data access (running API calls and parsing results). so grouping them into a separate include file could help reuse as well. i.e. I could reference the same include file in multiple contexts and return the result to whichever one was active.

    Marvellous, thanks

    — answered March 16th 2010 by Chris Reed
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