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Android Testing

I'm trying to get the mobile KitchenSink app (and my own app) to run in an Android simulator using Titanium 1.3
It gets to the point where I see this line in the log:

[INFO] Deployed bonide-pf-mobile ... Application should be running.

But the application isn't appearing in the simulator. Am I doing something wrong?
Here's the log from one of my attempts: http://pastie.org/965714

— asked May 18th 2010 by Briley Hooper
  • android
  • mobile

2 Answers

  • Quick thing to try (for both apps) would be to create a new 1.3 project and copy the resources over from the KS or your project.

    [edit] Also, if your project directory does not match the title of your application, that causes problems with our build scripts - another thing to check.

    — answered May 18th 2010 by Kevin Whinnery
  • Thanks for the suggestions, Kevin. I've tried copying the Resources folder to a new project with no success (the project name matches does match its folder). I've also been unable to get a brand new project working (create project, immediately test it) in the Android simulator…

    — answered May 19th 2010 by Briley Hooper
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