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Permission Denied error.

Dear TD Support,
I am using Titanium SDK 1.2.1. When I create a new project and launch it to iPhone simulator, Simulator launches but the application was not their, saying

/System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.6/lib/python2.6/subprocess.py", line 1106, in _execute_child
raise child_exception
OSError: [Errno 13] Permission denied

Let me know please why this occur, and how to avoid this to launch the application in iPhone simulator. I am using 'MAC Mini OS X'

— asked May 21st 2010 by Amit Srivastava
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    I got the solution,
    Just by changing the Titanium SDK from 1.2.1 to 1.3.1, it started working without throwing an error of permission Denied. May be I copied the libTiCore.a file from partially downloaded titanium sdk 1.3.1, though with selecting sdk 1.3.1 project creation failed, but at time of project creation I selected sdk 1.2.1, and after project being created I used to edit sdk from 1.2.1 to 1.3.1. Now the iPhone simulator launches the application

    — answered May 24th 2010 by Amit Srivastava
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