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How to publish a stream without a dialog?


I want to send a stream to a facebook account, but I don't want that the dialog shows up where the user has to enter a text.

Is this possible to do???


— asked May 21st 2010 by Robert Ölei
  • facebook
  • stream

2 Answers

  • In theory it's possible, but you are not allowed to do it. That's because of the competitive advantage Facebook wants to have over everybody else. Only their iphone app gets to have native UI iphone login capabilities. Only their iphone app gets to have native UI status updates. Everybody else has to deal with these ugly web view pop-ups. Anything else will be breaking their ToS.

    — answered May 21st 2010 by Kyle Quest
  • This is possible, using the autopublish feature of the FB api (both the FBConnect.JS & the execute string support this) however, i'm no sure how to set it using Titanium..

    — answered December 7th 2010 by J T
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