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Cannot package for install on device

I am trying to install an app on my iPhone but I get the following errors:

Install Error

Build Failed (Missing app at /Users/XXXXXXX/Documents/Development/iPhone/devapp1/build/iphone/build/Release-iphoneos/devapp1.app/devapp1). Please see output for more details

Any idea why it might be doing that?

The app works fine in the emulator.

— asked May 21st 2010 by Stephen Page
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3 Answers

  • If I switch back to 1.2 it builds fine. Sadly I have re-coded some bits for 1.3 so I now need to go backwards.

    This is the second problem I have come across with 1.3, not a very good version is it really to be honest, not that 1.2 was much better, not being able to build Android apps.

    So 1.2 builds iPhone apps and 1.3 builds Android apps but not the other way around….what a mess.

    I love you really but does this undergo any testing before it is released??? Doesn't appear to from this side of the fence.

    I did try using iPhone SDK 3.2 but it made no difference, only going back to Titanium 1.20 made it work and broke my new code, the joy of it all :-)

    — answered May 21st 2010 by Stephen Page
  • Thanks Kevin, your screencast helped me a lot. They are great, keep them up!! Way more informative than web doc instructions.

    I am able to load my app just fine using iOS SDK 4.1 + Titanium 1.2.1 + iTunes 10.1.

    I had to make sure my application ID (edit tab) was correct and that my provisioning profile was uploaded. Ran just fine. Installed the KitchenSink to test.

    — answered October 10th 2010 by Brent E
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