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I have an event listener for delete, How do I prevent the deletion of a tableViewRow?

var exists = db.execute("SELECT ID FROM DATAROWS WHERE ID = ?",e.row.id);
var flag = false;
if(exists.isValidRow()) {
flag = true;
if(flag == true) {
db.execute("DELETE FROM DATAROWS WHERE ID = ?",e.row.id);
/alert("Delete row " + e.row.id + ": " + rowLabels[e.row.id].text);/
return flag;

How can I make it so that when my flag == false, the row in question does not get deleted? (Deleted from the TableView, not the database) Better yet, how can I make the red circle with the white bar not even appear for a particular tableViewRow when the tableView is put in Edit Mode? Better yet, how can I make the last tableViewRow have an Insertion button instead of a Delete button, and trigger an insert event instead of a delete event?

Thanks in advance,

Not Tyler

— asked May 22nd 2010 by Tyler Queen
  • deletion
  • edit
  • insertion
  • tableview
  • tableviewrow

2 Answers

  • I need help on this aswell. I want to open a Options Dialog when delete is pressed on a tablerow.
    But pressing delete, deletes the Tablerow instantly.

    — answered January 24th 2011 by David P.
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    • David

      The original poster will have abandoned this post. Please raise your own question, properly describing your specific circumstances. Follow the Participating in the Q&A guide to increase your chances of getting an accurate answer quickly.

      — commented January 24th 2011 by Paul Dowsett
  • 25

    — answered June 19th 2012 by Bill Freedman
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