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How to download XML file?

I have a PHP script on my server that parses through a web page and creates an XML file for the data, so that I can more easily consume it through my app. Now I know I can parse XML through XHR and whatnot, however, I don't want to be constantly redownloading the file, since the data is not going to change very often.

So, basically my question is, is there a way to download an XML file and store it on the device or in the app somehow, so that I can then load and parse that? Rather than having to constantly go to the server and download it every time I start the app?

Thanks for any help!

— asked May 22nd 2010 by Bill Labus
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1 Answer

  • This is what i use to read stored xml when no network connectivity, else access new data. Help yaself.

    if (Titanium.Network.networkType == Titanium.Network.NETWORK_NONE){
      var f = Titanium.Filesystem.getFile(Titanium.Filesystem.applicationDataDirectory,'store.xml');
                 var content = f.read();
                 var doc = Ti.XML.parseString(content.text);
                 ///blah blah with node value and elements
          Ti.UI.createAlertDialog({title:'Network Error', message:'APP requires network connectivity to load data on first use.'}).show();
    } //end network check
    else{ //network present
    var xhr = Ti.Network.createHTTPClient();
    xhr.onerror = function(e)
                Ti.UI.createAlertDialog({title:'Network Error', message:'Unable to retrieve data.'}).show();
                Ti.API.info('IN ERROR ' + e.error);
    xhr.onload = function(){ 
               var f = Titanium.Filesystem.getFile(Titanium.Filesystem.applicationDataDirectory,'store.xml');
            var doc = this.responseXML.documentElement;
            if (doc.getElementsByTagName("success").item(0).text==1){
            } //end if succesul
        else{Ti.UI.createAlertDialog({title:'Service Error', message:'Service is not available at the moment, please try it again.'}).show();}}
        catch(E){Ti.UI.createAlertDialog({title:'Application Error', message:'Unable to obtain data, please try it later.'}).show();}    
    }; //end try
    — answered May 22nd 2010 by Daniel Lim
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