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Debug and launching TD questions

I'm new to TD and have been able to create a simple app to get familiar with the tools. I'm using AptanaStudio as the editor.


1) how are people debugging apps? Is there anyway to debug directly in Aptana or other IDE?

2) can Aptana (or other IDE) be setup to launch TD with the correct project when you click on the "Run As" or "Debug As" buttons?


— asked May 23rd 2010 by scott yale
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2 Answers

  • Currently you are limited to debug/print statements for debugging - though personally I don't see that as a problem as I do the same thing for non Ti development.

    As for 2), AFAIK it is possible to invoke the Ti build process from the command line, but I don't believe there's any tutorial on how to do that yet.

    — answered May 23rd 2010 by Damien Elmes
  • Here is a way of adding intellisense to Aptana/Eclipse:

    [Titanium Autocomplete Eclipse]{http://jameslow.com/2010/05/31/titanium-autocomplete-eclipse/}

    It does speed up development time.

    — answered December 26th 2010 by Daniel Tome
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