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Bug in vertical layouts?

I've got a scrollView which contains a label, image and another label. I give the scrollView layout:'vertical' but the image doesn't seem to respect it…the little placeholder graphic appears in the right place at first, then when the image loads from the URL it jumps up and lays overtop of the title:

<a href="http://skitch.com/cannikin/n4895/iphone-simulator">http://skitch.com/cannikin/n4895/iphone-simulator</a>

Here's what it should look like (I have to manually enter 'top' values to get this to work right now):

<a href="http://skitch.com/cannikin/n4eyj/iphone-simulator">http://skitch.com/cannikin/n4eyj/iphone-simulator</a>

Here's my code for building the window: <a href="http://gist.github.com/334343">http://gist.github.com/334343</a>

— asked March 16th 2010 by Rob Cameron
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2 Answers

  • Hi,

    I just tried your code and it seems to be working fine as your second skitch image.

    You do need to 'top' values in each element you're adding to the scrollView, to tell the app the gap to give between them. (you could also use 'bottom' - and also negative values if you need a more complicated interface)


    — answered March 16th 2010 by Kosso
  • Thanks for the reply. I've switched to a webView since I posted as I wan to have links, bold, etc. in the second label. Thanks for testing!

    — answered March 16th 2010 by Rob Cameron
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