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PayPal Integration for iPhone/Android Application

Dear TD Support,
Please provide me the best way to implement the payment gateway for a iPhone/Android mobile application. I am developing an application which is used to donate an organization. can Paypal be integrated with such a mobile application to enable the payment processing.

— asked May 24th 2010 by Amit Srivastava
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3 Answers

  • By reading the page over stackoverflow link

    It looks like you are requiring some knowledge in SOAP xml and http POST request, which shouldn't be too hard on coding. (Using kitchensink's xhr example for POST http request with your own SOAP xml value and headings).

    The tough-side of the development will certainly be understanding the Paypal APIs and security issues.

    Anyway, Good Luck!

    — answered May 24th 2010 by William Xue
  • It's now available for Android - checkout this thread

    — answered June 30th 2010 by David Ashwood
  • Hi Amit, please you can review the following link [https://marketplace.appcelerator.com/apps/1170]

    Jorge Luis

    — answered March 11th 2012 by Jorge Luis Frias Butron
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