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setInterval or Another Alternative?

After setInterval crashed my app a few times, I went to the forums and noticed that there is currently a bug with this function. Is there any ETA on a fix, or some other alternative I can use. Basically, I am just trying to swap the BackgroundImage of a View every second or so.

— asked March 9th 2010 by Jacob Williams
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1 Answer

  • setInterval does work, I guess I was just calling it incorrectly. For any who are interested, here is an example of how it works:

    var green = false;
    function changeLEDColor () {
        if (green) {
            ledView.backgroundImage = 'images/greenLED.png';
            green = false;
        else {
            ledView.backgroundImage = 'images/redLED.png';
            green = true;
    — answered March 11th 2010 by Jacob Williams
    • Thanks in my app I was declaring setInterval like this which was causing the app to crash:


      I am surprised removing the brackets stops the app crashing ?!

      — commented February 7th 2011 by Chris Brooks
    • It's normal.
      When you pass changeLEDColor(), you give to setInterval the result of your function (that's to say: nothing here).
      And then, setInterval will use this result as a function –> crash.

      But, if you pass changeLEDColor, you pass a reference to your function. And thus, setInterval can use it as a function.

      That's it.

      — commented February 11th 2011 by Romain Salles
    • Thanks for that!
      I don't suppose you know what setInterval doesn't fire on android ?

      — commented February 11th 2011 by Chris Brooks
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