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iPhone 4.0 question - how will this work when it does?

Hi all,

I saw this in the latest blog post "For 1.4, we’ll continue to focus primarily on maintenance issues, API parity for Android and full API support for the upcoming iPhone 4.0 OS"

so I understand that iPhone 4.0 OS isn't yet supported. My question is, how will this all work when it is supported?

Is this the idea?

  1. Ti 1.4 comes out
  2. I recompile my apps with 1.4 and resubmit to app store
  3. assuming they get in, they will then work with OS 4
  4. will they also still work with OS 3.1?

I feel pretty confident about #s 1 - 3, but am unsure about #4. And if I'm totally off the mark, please just let me know.

If the above is the case, including #4, that's not so bad at all…

Thanks for any help!

— asked May 25th 2010 by Steve Perlow
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4 Answers

  • I have been testing my app with iOS4 already. I didn't have to change any of the code. Also the new APIs aren't there the app works like it did on 3.1.

    Here are the instruction from the Appcelerator Developer Blog: http://developer.appcelerator.com/blog/2010/05/titanium-and-iphone-os-4.html

    — answered June 11th 2010 by Joe K
    • Did you try the patch with the latest 4.0 gold release?

      — commented June 11th 2010 by Sj Singh
    • yeah, on a 3gs.

      — commented June 11th 2010 by Joe K
  • your #4 concerns me a lot, as well. i have asked this somewhere else, with no answer. but, the question is:

    how will titanium 1.4 do iphone deployment targeting?

    in xcode, you just kinda flip a switch, and you get compatibility down to the chosen version (like, i would like my app, which now has no iOS4 specific functionality, other than fast switching to remain compatible with 3.1 devices, as it is now). titanium 1.32 was supposed to immediately address your 2-3 (without iOS4 specific features), but for various users, it fails in that regard. fingers crossed for 1.4 soon!

    — answered July 3rd 2010 by paul seymour
  • I have upgraded my actual device 3GS with iOS4 and the ti apps runs fine.
    Compiled using 1.3.0 SDK

    — answered July 3rd 2010 by Peter Lum
  • So far, there is no actual device to test. If you have the SDK and emulator, one should test thoroughly…

    — answered June 11th 2010 by Peter Lum
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    • you can download the gold master iOS 4 from developer.apple.com and install that on a 3gs to test a device if you want.

      — commented June 11th 2010 by Joe K
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