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rightImage broken in 1.3?

data.push({title:'test', rightImage:'test.png'});

The image shows up in 1.2…and does not in 1.3. Why? A bug or have things changed in 1.3?

— asked May 25th 2010 by Marc Boucher
  • rightimage
  • tableview
  • tableviewrow

2 Answers

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    It doesn't look like that attribute is recognized in the simple table API anymore - you can specify a right image in a row created programmatically, however.

    — answered May 25th 2010 by Kevin Whinnery
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    • GitHub 404 on that link. Awesome.

      Is rightImage STILL not supported? I cannot get it to work. Why, oh why, don't you guys either update your API docs or get things working?

      — commented September 20th 2011 by Robert Turrall
  • Ah…too bad.

    I'm getting a little irritated that post-1.0 releases are breaking things. It's okay to do this in major updates (i.e. going from 1.0 to 2.0) but not so cool to do this in smaller update.

    Because of the unreliability of the APIs at this stage, I have no choice but to put projects and hold and apologize to my current customers for delays in releasing updates to currently shipping apps.

    Who knows what else is going to break in future updates. I'm not sure anyone would want to use APIs that are modified every month or two. It can sometimes be a lot of work to rewrite parts of the code that is not supported anymore.

    Thanks for answering though…you're the first to address some of the many concerns I've had with Appcelerator…so I appreciate that at least. I told myself that if I received no answer to this question, I'd call it quits with Appcelerator. But I guess I won't do that just yet.

    I'll be patient and see where Appcelerator is heading before I make a final judgment and decision.

    — answered May 25th 2010 by Marc Boucher
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