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"entitlements invalid" with 1.3, but fine with 1.2?


really at a loss here. was about to submit my app today. but, thought, would do the iphone os4 compatibility update. that was fine. then, realized, i was developing under 1.2, so thought i would up it to 1.3. then, i discover that there is a bug that doesn't allow titanium to load the file into itunes. okay, so i drop it in myself. then, now, after it copies it to my device - it says:

The application "XXX" was not installed on the iPhone "XXX" because the entitlements are not valid.


but, i switch back to 1.2 - everything works smooth as butter. what gives? i really want to submit my app, but i just feel really uneasy about submitting an app i can't even load onto my own device! what's going wrong with 1.3 and provisioning profiles? or, is it just me??

— asked May 28th 2010 by paul seymour
  • entitlements
  • iphone
  • proifile
  • provisioning

3 Answers

  • Same problem. Any solution?

    — answered June 21st 2010 by Kevin Ripka
  • hi, the app-id generated by the profiling site on developer.apple.com seems to have changed. i had the same problem while using a wildcard in the app-id. if i remember correctly the wildcard now is located in front of the 'domain' instead afterwards (or vice versa)

    — answered June 21st 2010 by Christian Sigl
  • Same problem with IOS 4.0

    I cannot succeed installing my app with the dev profile.

    — answered January 15th 2011 by Olivier POLETTE
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