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iPhone module creation


With Ti 1.2.1 and SDK 1.3.0

Just a feedback on little problems I encounter creating an iphone module following those instructions

1) Need to give missing execution right

chmod +x ./build.py

2) Indentation problem

$ ./build.py 
  File "./build.py", line 89
    for dn in ('assets','documentation','example'):
IndentationError: unindent does not match any outer indentation level

3) Need to change the default name in the manifest but WHY ?

$ ./build.py 
please update the manifest key: 'name' to a non-default value

4) Doc mistake

"making the app load the app."
— asked May 28th 2010 by SEBASTIEN PEROCHON
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2 Answers

  • couple of other issues with build.py

    1. module_defaults 'name' and 'moduleid' have been changed to the project I just created. Rogue grep and sed?

    2. lines 89-95 have extra spaces and python doesn't understand the indentation. delete all tabs and spaces in front of these lines.

    after changes in #1 and 2 I get


    — answered June 16th 2010 by Robert Logan
  • This is a bit old but there is still a problem with build.py in Ti Mobile SDK 1.6: if you have a .svn dir it will crap out and give an error like this:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "./build.py", line 194, in <module>
      File "./build.py", line 173, in package_module
        docs = generate_doc(config)
      File "./build.py", line 57, in generate_doc
        md = open(os.path.join(docdir,file)).read()
    IOError: [Errno 21] Is a directory

    What needs to be done is to ignore the .svn directory when we reach build.py line 57.

    — answered March 12th 2011 by Thuan Ta
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    • Later on at line 123 of build.py does ignore them ignoreDirs = ['.DS_Store','.svn','.git','CVSROOT'] - it looks like this needs to be added earlier in the script and added to the file appending blocks.

      — commented March 12th 2011 by Kosso
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