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Damn, this Q&A format makes things so difficult

Exhibit 1324:

Question right below this one of

"Is there any way to default to the numbers keyboard?"

This was answered, complete with sample code, just a few days ago…

but it is next to impossible to help this new question with a link to the previous one I speak of because you cannot search for a keyword and sort by date…

I hope what ever you Appcelerator guys have up your sleeve for changes to this "community" level support isn't so frustrating

I've learned a lot in the past few months, and would absolutely love to help others, but this style/format/travesty of communication makes that next to impossible…

this could help explain why so many questions go unanswered too :-(

don't take this topic as anything but frustration… i'm very happy with the product and look forward to rolling out my first application this month…. if you want to product to grow, there needs to be a good avenue to ask (and answer!)

— asked May 28th 2010 by Stephen Gilboy
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  • Kevin…

    I just voted on an existing item there….

    What's the attachment to this StackOverflow style? There's so many "real" forums out there that would handle stuff like:

    • tracking a topic you are not part of (but want to see the conversation(
    • locking closed issues
    • search
    • categories (iPad specific, Android specific, install issues, etc etc)
    • view options
    • markup that makes sense

    A lot of us will take what we can get, but when there are so many already-ready-to-use forum packages out there it doesn't seem to make much sense to have something like this where just to get threaded conversations is a major undertaking :-(

    I knew making this post I am not the only one with these concerns, but the exact example I brought up above (to which i then spent the time to go through 11 pages of previous topics just to find the answer for him) made me air out my frustration…..

    there's got to be a lot of people like me that want to answer just as much as ask, but this format is tying one hand behind our back and blindfolding us in the effort to help, and it's hard to type that way!! :-)

    — answered May 28th 2010 by Stephen Gilboy
  • +1

    — answered May 28th 2010 by Vitali Virulaine
  • The search is really not comfortable.Try this custom search for this forum.


    — answered May 28th 2010 by Semon Xue
  • Yours is not the only frustrated voice we've heard. I'm testing some improvements we've been making to our Q&A on a staging environment right now, so we should be pushing out some (hopefully) helpful updates soon. Could you do me a favor and add your sorting request here? Thanks..

    — answered May 28th 2010 by Kevin Whinnery
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